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In recent years, the Springer Front End team has worked on a number of new features and projects. Weve added new functionality to the site, including the ability to personalize your Springer experience, improved search, and new ways to discover and read content. Weve also launched a number of new products, such as Springer Nature Experiments, SpringerLink Collections, and Springer for Research & Development. In the coming year, well be focusing on a number of different areas. First, well be continuing to improve the overall Springer experience. This includes making it easier to find the right content, and ensuring that our site is responsive and performant on all devices. Second, well be focusing on increasing the discoverability of our content. This means making it easier for users to find the content theyre looking for, whether theyre searching for specific keywords or browsing by topic. Finally, well be continuing to invest in new products and features, such as our recently launched Springer for Research & Development product. If you have any suggestions or feedback for us, wed love to hear from you.

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